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Product Designer • UX, Research, Strategy, PROTOTYPING • 2019-2022
I was Product Designer at StockX, a marketplace for authentic sneakers  streetwear and more with 30M+ monthly active users.

I led design for our iOS, Android, Web experiences, where I focused on the buyer experience. I strived to create the best-in-class marketplace for our users. I've led the design of our product page, homepage which has increased our sales by over $121M.
2019 - Present
Product Design, Strategy
iOS, Android, Desktop
Marketplace, Shopping

Product Page Reimagined

The Problem

The first iteration of the StockX experience focused on creating a "Stock Market of Things". This was a great differentiator because it gave sneakers collectors the ability to buy and sell in a fair, authentic, and anonymous way much like the stock market. However, as the user base grew the experience lagged. Information got crowded, and the user journey had hiccups that made it much more difficult for new users to understand and allow the company to grow. The product page is the keystone of the experience with over 30+ million active users per month and hundreds of millions of views monthly. This part of the experience needed to be updated to streamline navigation, improve access to important data for making better trading decisions, and excel the user journey for the new user needs.

With the scale of StockX, it was crucial that each design was based on user research, and tested rigorously with real users. A/B tests were used to measure the change in conversion, engagement, views, and user flows.

Streamlined Navigation

I reworked our navigation to provide more familiar navigation to new users and to give a better surface area for browsing, searching, and managing users' accounts. Our users want to be able to constantly go switch between their coveted products. Navigation is incredibly important for users to be able to find what they are looking for and our existing experience didn't surface the options familiarly. After running an A/B test, we found that the improved navigation increase both product page view, bids, asks, and completed trades. This resulted in an annualized increase in sales of $4.6 million.

Data Focused Product Badges

After doing some user research, I found that users increasingly connected with the market data we offered. It was a key differentiator that made StockX the go-to platform for fair, accessible, and real-time pulse on the culture marketplace. However, we weren't putting that information at the forefront. Our users had to dig and be privy to this data to gain insights. I designed product badges that emphasize insights users wanted to see. This was a solution that met both user goals and business needs. After several iterations, we released badged around the supply, price and popularity of the products. This feature was successful and resulted in an annualized increase in sales of $76.8 million.

Improved Access to Market Data

Users constantly told us that market data was important and that they relied on it for buying and selling decisions. We also found that users that viewed sales history on a given product were 80% more likely to make a trade. The problem was the bid, ask and sales data were hidden under small links that weren't accessible based on contrast, size, and location. After several iterations, I design a new layout that prioritized this data and offered it to the users in a clear secondary button style.

Product Page Design Optimizations, Accessibility, and Branding

During the design process, I put significant effort into redesigning for an optimized user experience that was accessible and on-brand. This included change styles, increasing contrast, testing designs for colorblindness and screen readers. I changed our primary sell button color to black, which may not seem like a large change but had resounded effects. The existing red button made users feel that clicking in may cause an error and it was hard to distinguish between the green for colorblind users. All of these improvements increased sales by $28 million.

Promotion Product Page Research

we often got feedback that our most successful giveaway based promotion was confusing to new users. I conducted unmoderated user research on UserTesting to determine what changes should be made to the ReStockX product page to improve customers’ understanding of the promotion. I learned that users did not understand how to win, when the winner would be chosen and what items are included. A common assumption was that the highest bidder would win and pay whatever amount they bid. I redesigned the experience based on the research recommendations to emphasized promotion give clear process communication and de-emphasis confusing element. The updated design was much more success for the promotion.

Homepage Redesign

The Problem

Our homepage didn't represent our brand pillars. Users didn't see how StockX made their experience more fair, authentic and transparent. So, I set out to create a homepage was modular, focused on market data and our core values. It built trust with international users and showcased the breadth of our product offering, not just sneakers at the forefront The Homepage and Browse needed to mesh together to provide intuitive, consistent navigation. 
I redesigned the StockX homepage to embrace key pillars of transparent market pricing, rigorous authentication, and anonymous transactions, as well as set a foundation for international growth and localization, personalization, and the cross-vertical of our product mix.

The new homepage embraces data and trends, fueled by the people. We don’t create heat. We don’t set prices. We don’t anoint what’s cool. It’s all coming from the collective market of our community. I designed the experience to let the products take the spotlight and show that StockX is the place to access them.
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